Slab Lifting

Gas Powered Rotary Hammer Drill

Slab-Lifting (slab-jacking) and Void Filling.

Concrete slabs and floors that have been installed incorrectly with improperly compressed dirt can begin to sink and become uneven and unleveled.

The Process of Slab Lifting

  • 3/8” holes are drilled in the portion of concrete that has sunk
  • High-pressure polyurethane grout is pumped through the holes into the spaces or voids
  • The holes are patched to restore the concrete cosmetically


  • Rotary Hammer Drill
    • Gas powered rotary percussion drill with a 1” diameter bit.
    • The Revolution Pump used by Alaska Seismic Solutions
  • Revolution Grout Pump
    • A mobile, two-component slab lifting pump that uses gear-driven technology.
    • Unlike piston pumps, the simplicity of one continuous rotary motion means exceptional output efficiency plus less energy and wear and tear.
    • The Revolution is a medium-pressure pump that runs on standard 110-volt power, with onboard heaters and a built-in recirculation system.
  • Grout
    • Polyurethane Liquid Grout


  • Slab lifting costs much less than the cost to replace a concrete slab
  • Soil stabilization: filling the voids with grout reinforces the surface below making it even stronger
  • Turn-around time is significantly reduced from that of poring an entirely new concrete slab
  • No heavy equipment needed
  • Minimal space required for repair
  • Much cleaner process than concrete replacement; almost no dust and debris
  • Less noise pollution from concrete break-up and replacement
  • For outdoor repair, surrounding grass remains in tack
  • Minimal cosmetic repair needed, original slabs still in use
  • Polyurethane grout is environmentally safe

How to Prevent Concrete From Becoming Uneven

For future construction projects, have your builder install granular fill such as sand or sand and gravel instead of dirt fill and make sure it is heavily compressed. Proper compaction will remove air compartment, which could settle later and cause the concrete to become uneven and sink.