Polyurethane Grout Soil Stabilization

Poly Grout Stabilization

Technology that provides superior soil stabilization with immediate results, less downtime, more convenience and cost-effective than older methods.


  • Ground stabilization peat soil, gravel, clay, sinkholes, frost heaves
  • Concrete Crack Repair roads, bridges, building foundations, parking garages, sidewalks, dams
  • Concrete Slab Lifting
  • Warehouse Floor Repair


  • Less Down Time: No excavating, heavy equipment, road closures
  • Complete Distribution: Fills any holes or voids
  • Water Displacement: Stops leaks and prevents water main breaks
  • Waterproofing
  • Mold Deterrent
  • Durability Last 30-50 years
  • Environmentally Safe: For soil and water treatment plants
Polyurethane Grout Soil Stabilization

How It Works

Liquid Polyurethane Grout is injected through rods that are driven through ground surfaces where voids have been created due to alluvial soil erosion, sinking and water infiltration. Once the grout has been injected into space, it expands and hardens, dispersing surrounding water and permeating the soil; this results in stronger ground support, water control, and less settlement.

The lightweight form of Polyurethane Grout, before injection, can be transported with ease to difficult locations and its low viscosity makes it ideal when filling voids at great depths and lengths, so less drilling time is required. Polyurethane Grout is resistant to salt, non-flammable, non-toxic and environmentally safe.