Composite Upgrades & Strengthening

Composite Upgrades & Strengthening

Steel is one of the strongest building materials on the market.

Normally we would think that there is no problem using steel in construction because steel is built to last. However, there are many different factors in construction that engineers have to take into account.

One such factor is flexibility. As the old saying goes “what doesn’t bend will break” and it is also true of structures.

To enhance the value, stability, flexibility of your structure the answer is upgrading with composite strengthening. Composite strengthening uses Fiber-reinforced plastics/polymers (FRP) usually applied to concrete, masonry, steel or wood.

There are many different types of materials but essentially it is a mix of fibers (often carbon fibers) and resin (to adhere the fibers). This idea actually comes from the understanding of the properties of wood which is basically a natural FRP, where the wood fibers are held together by pressure and resin.

Composite strengthening provides many benefits for the commercial buildings of:

  • Strengthening of pre-existing structures for load carrying purposes
  • Easy to apply techniques to allow for quick installation
  • Many different composites for different needs
  • Adds flexibility, possibly up to 7 times more
  • A relatively thin material, adds very little bulk
  • Easy to handle and marginal dead load
  • High tensile strength
  • Does not rust

Alaska Seismic Solutions also offers mobile powder coating. This is a new technology which has all the benefits of the old powder coating systems without the issue of having to bring the pieces to a powder coating facility. This coating can be applied to pretty much different surfaces.

Rule of thumb; if it is a structural material and needs to be protected from the elements, then it can be powder coated. It comes in a variety of colors and protects against erosion, hazardous chemicals, water microorganisms, corrosion, and rust. And that isn’t even its greatest advantage. If a surface is properly cleaned and pretreated then a powder coating can potentially last forever.

Alaska Seismic Solutions will be more than happy to inform you on the light regular maintenance required to keep your powder coated surface.


Earthquake Damange

Alaska has more frequent earthquakes than the entire rest of the United States and three of the eight largest earthquakes in the world were in Alaska.

For Alaskans, having Seismic upgrading and strengthening is a serious concern.

The main reason why Seismic Upgrading & Strengthening is so important is to ensure the safety of human life. Earthquakes can be extremely dangerous as improperly stabilized structures become a safety concern rather than a shelter. Ceiling tiles, pillars, walls, windows, and utility systems, designed to make life more comfortable and secure become hazards capable of inflicting major physical harm. By having your property retrofitted to proper seismic safety parameters you will rest easier knowing that the people under your roof are protected.

The other reason to get your place of work retrofitted for earthquake protection is for the building itself. If not stabilized an earthquake can devastate the integrity of a structure and lead to massive repairs. Worst case scenario the building is so damaged the only worth that remains is the scrap material that can be salvaged from it. So one question the business owners of Anchorage, Wasilla & Fairbanks have to ask themselves is, ‘should I invest in the safety of my building or should I just take my chances?’ Putting it this way may seem too black and white but that doesn’t make it any less true. Eleven percent of the world’s recorded earthquakes have occurred in Alaska so not getting retrofitting is a large gamble.

There are many different packages and techniques which provide a variety of security enhancements to a building and at the same time increase the property value. If you are in Anchorage, Wasilla or Fairbanks then give us a call today and we will provide you with a variety of diverse options to suit your budget and keep you at ease.